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To keep up with the progress of DIPC please bookmark this page as all announcements will be posted here prior to anywhere else.

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DIPC Mailing List
There is a mailing list available for DIPC and we would like to encourage you to join. You may use the mailing list form located at
http://wallybox.cei.net/dipc/dipc-list.html or simply send email to majordomo@wallybox.cei.net with nothing in the subject and subscribe linux-dipc in the body of the message. The mailing list is now archived and can be reached via http://wallybox.cei.net/dipc/ml-archive/.

DIPC Mailing List Archive is now available via ftp
The dipc mailing list is now available in it's entirety for downloading and reading off-line. The archive isn't very large right now, so ftp'ing the whole thing should take very little time. As time progresses the list will be broken up into monthly archives. Point your browser to

Dowload the webpages for reading off-line
Link too slow? My apologies, but you're welcome to download the web pages for viewing off-line if you'd like. Just point your browser to

WAN Benchmark Testing
We are currently conducting WAN (Wide Area Network) benchmark tests via the Internet. At this time we are looking for volunteers that would like to assist us with the tests. If you are interested please subscribe to the mailing list
dipc mailing list and post a message stating that you'd be interested and someone should contact you fairly shortly. The tests have been run about 4 different times now and we are currently in the process of putting together the results of these tests to post. The information will be located at http://wallybox.cei.net/dipc/wan/ so be sure to check this page out. Testing will probably take place the weekend after Thanksgiving, and possibly some sma ll testing the weekend of Thanksgiving. Results from these tests will be posted the first or second week of December.

To date we have had as many as 4 machines take part in the test at a single time. And they are as follows:

Current DIPC Release
As of 11/23/97 the current release of DIPC is 1.0 and is no longer considered BETA. This is the first "official release" of DIPC, so please help us to make it a strong one!

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