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WebMaker User's Manual

For Version 1.4

Configurable converter of FrameMaker documents to the World-Wide Web

The combination of WebMaker and FrameMaker enables the simultaneous publication of both the printed and WWW versions of a document. WebMaker converts FrameMaker documents and books to a hypertext network of HTML files, or Web, that may be viewed by World-Wide Web browsers such as Mosaic.

Table of contents

1 - Introduction
2 - Making a simple Web
3 - The WebMaker strategy
4 - Recommendations for writers
5 - Converting a FrameMaker document
6 - The WebMaker Configuration Language, WML
7 - Including WWW specific features in the FrameMaker document
8 - A complete example
A - Platforms, sources and installation
B - Known problems and future directions
C - Authors and credits
D - CERN WebMaker Copyright

WebMaker User's Manual - MR - 25 OCT 94
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