Sharity Manual: Introduction

Sharity Manual for Version 1.00


As you have made your way to the manual, we assume that you already know what Sharity is. If you don't, please go to Objective Development's products page at or read the README file that is part of the distribution.

This manual starts with a more philosophic discussion of why we think that Sharity is important (the section "Motivation") and continues with a short description of Sharity's features in "Product Features". You may skip these two sections if you just want to get things running. If you are evaluating Sharity, you are probably most interested in the Release Notes outlining features and potential problems with particular platforms. The next section "Installation" describes how to install Sharity from the source or binary distribution. Following is the section "Commandline Utilities" which describes all programs that are part of the Sharity package in the style of Unix man-pages. You may also find the Usage Hints useful. If you have changed installation pathes, need character sets different from ISO8859-1 or want to customize Sharity, you may want to edit the configuration file. The format of this file is described in the section "Configuration File". Note, however, that you don't need to modify this file to get things running. A final section ("Future Perspectives") outlines the forthcoming goals in the development of Sharity. The appendix of this manual contains the License Agreement which is also available in ASCII format in the doc directory of the distribution and the credits for those who contributed to Sharity.

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