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                             Linux Projects Map

This is the Linux Projects Map (LPM). Here you'll find some information
concerning popular projects that are currently in the design or coding
stage. The LPM is maintained by Harald Milz (

Remark: There was a complete overhaul of the Linux Projects Map (LPM)
on Dec 9, 1996.  Since many entries were apparently outdated, I deleted
everything and sent queries to the respective authors. Many e-mail
adresses were outdated and/or invalid so that many recent projects
might still be alive. Please send me your updates if you don't find your
project here. Thanks for your cooperation.


Code for these projects is not publicly available yet or in early ALPHA
stage. However, the software is being worked on and will be eventually
available. Please DO NOT send hundreds and thousands of questions to
the developers but instead let them spend their time working on the
project. The Linux Projects Map will be updated regularly and is
available in
The latest and greatest version will be available on

If you are about to develop a certain piece of software and if you think
it would be good to let people know, please send me an entry according
to the template shown below. The fields "AuthorEmail" and "ETA" are
optional; if you don't believe people won't drown you in email or don't
think it's wise to tell a potential release date, simply leave these
fields empty. Please don't forget to send me updates if the status of
your project changes, or I'll have to query you eventually. ;^)

If you are not working on a specific project yourself but know someone
else is, please drop me a note.

After the initial release of code to the public, I intend to leave the
respective entry in the list for some weeks or so, adding a comment
where the code can be found, then delete the entry to avoid redundancy
(with the Linux Software Map, LSM).

The LPM is for non-commercial Linux software projects only. As a
supplement for commercial software, there is the Linux Commercial-HOWTO.

Linux-specific hardware projects are not covered here -- it doesn't seem
as if there were too many of them.

If you are going to develop a piece of software not specifically
related to the Linux kernel, please consider to contact the FSF
( so that they can try to coordinate with their
volunteers -- no reason to re-invent the wheel, right? ;-)

Sample entry follows (similar to the old LSM format). Some sample entries
(e.g. "Assistance") don't cover every possible item - feel free to enter
what you like, but don't create new fields and PLEEZE DON'T CHANGE
FIELD NAMES. Field lengths are now arbitrary, but avoid an overall
length of more than 78 characters. Please stick to this (somehow static)
format, it makes life easy for me. 

If you want to give some pointers to further information, please  URLs
so that the pointers will be clickable in the HTML version. Thank you.

Field:          Description
-----------     ------------------------------------------------------
Title:          The name of the package.  example: "Linux for DEC 21064"
Desc1:          5 lines of text describing the package's function or purpose
Desc2:          The more descriptive you are the more useful the entry 
Desc3:          will be.
Author:         Who is going to write the package.
AuthorEmail:    The author's email address (optional)
InfoSources1:   where to get additional information such as mailing lists, 
InfoSources2:   local newsgroups or FTP/WWW sites (please use the URL format,
InfoSources3: 	but do not hyphenate them. No HREFs please).
Assistance:     assistance needed? {required | appreciated | not required }
CurrentStat:    {still in the design phase | first code runs | approaching 
                 ALPHA status | in ALPHA | code is available on (FTP path)}
ETA:            Estimated time of arrival (optional & conservative ;) 
Remarks1:       Other info of value (up to the developer), 5 lines.
Remarks2:       Additional info that won't fit in one of the above fields.


This section shows you all recent changes (not more than a handful to
keep it handy) so that you don't have to search the whole list.

Date		Entry name (abbrev.)			type of change
Dec 15 1996	SYNC 570 Driver				new

Title: ACL for Linux Desc1: Access Control List for Linux Desc2: Access control lists are a key enforcement mechanism of Desc3: discretionary access control, for specifying access to files Desc4: by users and groups more selectively than traditional Desc5: UNIX mechanisms allow Author: Artem Belevich AuthorEmail: InfoSources1: InfoSources2: InfoSources3: Assistance: not required CurrentStat: ALPHA ETA: officially unknown. BETA release expected Jan,1997. Remarks1: Beta testers are appreciated (as soon as ACL becomes BETA). Remarks2: Remarks3: Remarks4: Remarks5: Entered: 13 Dec 1996
Title: ATM on Linux Desc1: State of the art (UNI 3.1) ATM support for Linux, including Desc2: ATM device drivers, native ATM API, UNI 3.1 signaling, Desc3: Classical IP over ATM, LAN Emulation, Arequipa, ANS, etc. Desc4: Desc5: Author: Werner Almesberger et al. AuthorEmail: InfoSources1: InfoSources2: Progress is reported to the linux-atm mailing list InfoSources3: (subscriptions to Assistance: please contact the author CurrentStat: development versions are available ETA: Remarks1: Remarks2: Remarks3: Remarks4: Remarks5: Entered: 13 Dec 1996
Title: Caching file system, benfs Desc1: This will be a file system that will cache files from Desc2: another directory structure (that is currently mounted) Desc3: onto the local hard disk. Thus if you have a slow CD-ROM Desc4: drive you would mount it normaly, then mount its directory Desc5: structure using benfs and access the files via the cache. Author: Ben Frank AuthorEmail: InfoSources1: Mail me if your interested :) InfoSources2: or if you want me to include something InfoSources3: Assistance: Yes please, I'm looking for someone to take over. CurrentStat: STALLED ETA: NEVER Remarks1: The file system will prob only be able to mount read only Remarks2: directories, but this may change depending on how things Remarks3: go ;) I'm calling it BCFS "Bens Caching File System" Remarks4: Check out my web pages for more info, Remarks5: Entered: 13 Dec 1996
Title: Linux/68k for MVME166 Desc1: This is a port of Linux/68k to run on Motorola MVME166 Desc2: and MVME167 boards. The MVME166 is 68040 based with on- Desc3: board SCSI, Ethernet, serial ports (4), RTC, timers, parallel Desc4: port. Desc5: Author: Richard Hirst AuthorEmail: or InfoSources1: e-mail me InfoSources2: http:/ InfoSources3: Assistance: not required CurrentStat: Self hosting, ethernet and parallel port supported now. ETA: Try it now Remarks1: Very stable, being used by a small number of people, has Remarks2: been further ported to the MVME162, MVME147, and MVME177. Remarks3: Now running a 2.0.8 kernel. Will NFS mount Remarks4: its root slice, meaning you don't need a local disk to Remarks5: try it out. Please let me know if you try it. Entered: 13 Dec 1996
Title: Linux AX.25 stack Desc1: AX.25 protocol stack for the Linux OS. Desc2: includes DG-IP and VC-IP, NET/ROM, Rose and IP Desc3: over NET/ROM but not IP over Rose. Desc4: Desc5: Author: Jonathan Naylor AuthorEmail: InfoSources1: AX.25 protocol specification, SDL diagrams from the 7th ARRL InfoSources2: computer networking conference. NET/ROM specification, CCITT InfoSources3: X.25 specification. Assistance: CurrentStat: Stable, solid. ETA: Remarks1: Included in 1.3.x, 2.0.x and 2.1.x kernels as standard. Remarks2: Remarks3: Drivers exist for KISS TNCs, SCC cards, Gracillis PT, Remarks4: Ottawa PI, Baycom and soundcards. Remarks5: Entered: 13 Dec 1996
Title: Linux CCITT X.25 stack Desc1: CCITT X.25 protocol stack for the Linux OS. Desc2: Desc3: Desc4: Desc5: Author: Jonathan Naylor AuthorEmail: InfoSources1: CCITT X.25 protocol specification. IEEE 802.2 LLC InfoSources2: specification. InfoSources3: Assistance: Device drivers required. CurrentStat: Development. ETA: June 1997 Remarks1: An implementation of CCITT X.25 for Linux utilising LAPB Remarks2: and 802.2 LLC as link layers. Remarks3: Remarks4: Remarks5: Entered: 13 Dec 1996
Title: Linux General Graphics Inteface (GGI) Desc1: The aim is to setup a secure and fast interface to graphics Desc2: services on all current Linux platforms. All applictions Desc3: (including X) will have to use special device files to access Desc4: virtualized hardware. To have as little performance penalty as Desc5: possible, direct hardware access is granted wherever possible. Author: Andreas Beck, Steffen Seeger and The Linux GGI Group. AuthorEmail:, InfoSources1: InfoSources2: InfoSources3: Assistance: hardware code, testing, libs, X server, 68k/Alpha/SUN platforms CurrentStat: first code runs but still in design phase ETA: Remarks1: Mail with 'SUBSCRIBE linux-ggi' in the *subject* Remarks2: line to join the developement mailing list. Remarks3: We especially need people involved in the Alpha/SUN/68k ports Remarks4: to have a look if their hardware would fit our concepts. Remarks5: Currently there is S3 Vision96x and VGA support for i386 arch. Entered: 13 Dec 1996
Title: Linux Mobile-IP Desc1: Support for mobile hosts under Linux. This would allow a Desc2: mobile host to maintain its network connection transparently Desc3: even as the host moves across different networks. The Desc4: IETF Draft "IP Mobility Support" will form Desc5: the basis of this mobile-IP implementation. Author: Vipul Gupta, Abhijit Dixit, Ben Lancki AuthorEmail:,, InfoSources1: IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) mobile-IP drafts InfoSources2: are in directory InfoSources3: Assistance: CurrentStat: An IETF compliant version (1.0) was released on May 23, 1996 ETA: Remarks1: The version 1.0 (along with supporting documentation) Remarks2: can be retreived from (, Remarks3: Remarks4: Remarks5: Entered: 13 Dec 1996
Title: Linux driver for MiCom-Interlan NI5010 ethernet card Desc1: The NI5010 is a dusty 8-bit, full size ISA ethernet card Desc2: featuring 2x2KB packet buffers. Desc3: Desc4: Desc5: Author: Jan-Pascal van Best AuthorEmail: InfoSources1: InfoSources2: InfoSources3: Assistance: appreciated, especially BETA-testers. CurrentStat: ready for BETA-testing ETA: When I've had reports from some testers Remarks1: The drivers isn't as efficient as it could be, but Remarks2: I'm not changing it until I know more people than Remarks3: just me are interested in this driver. Remarks4: Remarks5: Entered: 13 Dec 1996
Title: Linux/m68k for Macintosh Desc1: Additions to Linux/m68k to allow it to run on Macintosh Desc2: computers with a Motorola 680x0 series processor (NOT on Desc3: PowerPC-based Macs). Desc4: Desc5: Author: Rob Pelkey (project coordinator) AuthorEmail: InfoSources1: InfoSources2: Project mailing list <> InfoSources3: Linux/m68k mailng list <> Assistance: YES! PLEASE!! Can you hack a kernel? (NO testers yet) CurrentStat: Design phase. Not much code written; doesn't work yet. ETA: Alpha release, if ever, sometime mid-1997. (I hope.) Remarks1: News as of 20 Nov 96: project formally announced three Remarks2: weeks ago; much expertise and assistance has flocked to Remarks3: the project. We're working on boot code right now; Remarks4: hopefully we'll have a "hello world" kernel running by Remarks5: the end of the year. Come join in the fun! Entered: 13 Dec 1996
Title: SYNC 570 Driver ( bisync/monosync/HDLC/SDLC ) Desc1: This driver will work with Hitachi 64570 SCA based Desc2: 2 port boards ( currently DIGI 570 ) Desc3: Desc4: Desc5: Author: Nilanjan Bhowmik AuthorEmail: InfoSources1: InfoSources2: InfoSources3: Assistance: reqd. CurrentStat: design/prototype testing ETA: beta in Feb'97 Remarks1: I would appriciate any information/links/advice Remarks2: This chip seems to be somewhat complicated. Remarks3: Remarks4: Remarks5: Entered: 15 Dec 1996
Title: Temporary Filesystem (tmpfs) Desc1: Uses VM to allocate space for files, like in Desc2: SunOS(tm) and Solaris(tm). Offers a host of Desc3: parameters to allow for mount-time and run-time Desc4: dynamic tuning. Desc5: Author: Jeff Garzik AuthorEmail: InfoSources1: InfoSources2: InfoSources3: Assistance: not required CurrentStat: in ALPHA ETA: January 1997 Remarks1: Similar functionality to Linux 2.x ram disk driver, Remarks2: but provides filesystem capabilities over and Remarks3: above it. Remarks4: Remarks5: Entered: 13 Dec 1996

The Linux Projects Map is maintained by Harald Milz (,