This is the list of Frequently Asked Questions about Executor, the commercial Macintosh emulator for DOS, Windows, OS/2, Linux and NEXTSTEP [see Q1.1 `What is Executor?' for more details]. This set of answers to Frequently Asked Questions is not designed to take the place of our Executor manual. However, currently our manual is not available on-line, so this FAQ does briefly touch on some issues that are covered more in depth in our manual.

In addition to this FAQ, there should be README files bundled with Executor and there is also an Executor/DOS document that describes how to get started with Executor/DOS from a DOS user's point of view, which may be useful to users of Executor on other platforms as well. That document is called "ERNSTOUD.TXT", since it's hard to come up with useful names when constrained by the DOS 8.3 filename limits and the author of the document is Ernst J. Oud.

Please check out these documents and this FAQ, before sending e-mail to ARDI [see Q1.29 `Why shouldn't I send e-mail to'] or the Executor Interest mailing list [see Q1.27 `What's the best way to keep informed about Executor?'].

See Q5.2 `In what formats is this FAQ available?' for details of where to get the PostScript, Emacs Info, HTML (WWW) and plain ASCII versions of this document.

A new version of this document appears frequently. If this copy is more than a month old it may be out of date.


- 21 April 1998

Extracted from Executor Frequently Asked Questions with Answers, Copyright ARDI 1998.