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Some Software for Download

Disclaimer: These programs (software) are Freeware. You can use the software for your personal purposes, but you may not sell it or make profit from it in any other way. All Programs are for the Intel/Windows platform.

Note: the file sizes specified for the archive files are only approximate.

Purpose Descriptions and Links
Handling of Polar Data Files

PEF Tools

Several programs to handle polar data files in PEF format and to convert polar data to or from PEF.

see Polar Exchange Format (PEF)

concord.gif (1758 Byte)

Conversion of Airfoil Coordinates


Version 1.2


Convert Coordinates
Windows 9x / NT application.
Reads coordinates from a file or the clipboard and outputs them in various different formats suitable for most practical purposes.

ASCII input files can be formatted in one of the following formats:

  • two columns, TE -> upper -> LE -> lower -> TE: x y,
  • two columns, TE -> lower -> LE -> upper -> TE: x y,
  • three columns, TE -> LE: x yupper ylower,
  • three columns, LE -> TE: x yupper ylower,
  • two columns, includes one header line:
    NPTSupper NPTSlower,
    LE -> upper -> TE: x y,
    LE -> lower -> TE: x y,
  • four columns, TE -> LE: No x yupper ylower (like 3, but with numbering),
  • four columns, LE -> TE: No x yupper ylower (like 4, but with numbering).
  • CEF, coordinate exchange format
  • XML, eXtensible Markup Language

Download the following two archives, unzip them in a temporary directory and run the setup program.

concord1.zip (1.35 MB)
concord2.zip (670 kB)

Icon.png (559 Byte)

Processing of Propeller Geometry

Version 1.1


Create Propeller Geometry from Images
Windows 9x / NT application.
Uses a side and a top view of a model aircraft propeller from your scanner and calculates chord and twist distributions. While this may be not as accurate as a true geometric measurement, it can be quite fast and the results are not that bad.

Download the following three archives, unzip them in a temporary directory and run the setup program.

propellerscanner1.zip (1.4 MB)
propellerscanner2.zip (1.4 MB)
propellerscanner3.zip (110 kB)

accalc.gif (1167 Byte)

Determination of the
Aerodynamic Center and
the Center of Gravity of Planforms

Version 1.1

A.C. Calculator

Estimate the location of the A.C. of your model
Windows 9x / NT application.
Examines a plan view of your model in Windows bitmap format (.BMP) and calculates the area and an approximation of the A.C. location of the colored parts in the image. Also useful for evaluation of other shape parameters, like frontal area of a car.

Download the following two archives, unzip them in a temporary directory and run the setup program:

accalculator1.zip (1.4 MB)
accalculator2.zip (880 kB)

tp_icon.bmp (3126 Byte)

Acoustic Analysis of Silencers and Tuned Pipe Design

Version 1.1

Silencer Application

Examine the acoustic behavior of different silencer configurations
Windows 9x / NT application.
After specification of the geometry of the elements of a silencer system, the program calculates the combined annuation curve for the system. Also includes a simple tuned pipe designer, similar to my JavaPipe applet.

Download the following two archives, unzip them in a temporary directory and run the setup program.

silencer1.zip (1.4 MB)
silencer2.zip (570 kB)

realflit.jpg (1801 Byte) PlaneView

Version 1.1

Aircraft Viewer

View and print a data sheet of your RealFlight™ models
Windows 9x / NT application.
Reads your modified planes or helicopters (if you own the Deluxe version of RealFlight) and prints a data sheet and a top view of the model. Can be used to archive and compare different versions of a model.  If you don't have RealFlight, this program is of no use for you.

Download the following archive, unzip it in a temporary directory and run the setup program:

planeview.zip (1.3 MB)

If the program does not start correctly after installation, you might be missing the HTML-Help viewer from Microsoft. The HTML Help system should be included with Windows 98 or later. You can download version 1.3 or a newer version directly from Microsoft.


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