News from Nürnberg / Nuremberg 1997

If you don't want to design your own model with MH airfoils, you might find one among the news from Nuremberg.
(I don't have any whatsoever related connections to the mentioned companies, and yes, there are still much more models with other airfoils, which I cannot present here due to limited space and time)

Graupner: Cumulus '97 - Hand Launch Glider

Technical Data
glider version / electric powered
wing span 1870 mm
length 1065 / 1070 mm
wing area 0.313 m²
mass 560 g / 810 g
engine Speed 400 class
airfoil MH 32 mod.

Graupner: Secco - Hotliner

Technical Data
wing span 1475 mm
length 820 mm
wing area 0.18 m²
mass 1200-1560 g
engine Speed 400 and above
airfoil MH 43 mod.

Graupner: Shark - Speed 400 Pylon Racer

Technical Data
wing span 900 mm
length 620 mm
wing area 0.09 m²
mass 530-795 g
engine Speed 400 class
airfoil MH 43 mod.

Graupner: Loop - Aerobatics / Fun Flyer

Technical Data
wing span 800 mm
length 800 mm
wing area 0.164 m²
mass 650 g
engine Speed 400 class
airfoil MH 32 symmetrical (probably twice the upper side)

Simprop: Peppo - Speed 400 Hotliner

Technical Data
wing span 1200 mm
length 654 mm
wing area 0.135 m²
mass 515 g
engine Speed 400 class
airfoil MH 43

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