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Leonardo Da Vinci, 1510

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- SimProp and CalcFoil retired -
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(January 1, 2001  - May 20, 2001)

Updates to my software pages (19.9.2000)
MH 32: new Tests at Stuttgart (31.12.98)
A Comparison of Pylon Racing Airfoils (19.10.98)
MH 18B for Quickie 500 Pylon Racing (9.3.98)
Drag of Pushrod and Linkages (17.1.98)
Basic Design of Flying Wings (29.10.97)
On the Winglet (16.2.97)
MH airfoils at Nuremberg 1997 (13.2.97)
MH 33 Airfoil
Aerodynamics of Spar&Ribs Structures
Propulsion by Propellers (26.10.96)
Troubleshooting Guide (7.12.96)

Throw away your old COX engine?  Naah!  Maybe I need it for my Collection.

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The purpose of this site is to provide material about aerodynamics of model airplanes.
Most of the information is the result of work dedicated to high performance contest model aircraft.

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